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We create short and long term wealth by buying, building and maintaining Best In Practice Energy Producing Assets. Our turn key projects focus on green energy building practices that help reduce cost and increase profits. It’s where financial goals, environmental responsibility and old fashion pride find common ground. That passion to create, drive to complete and dedication to excellence are what makes us great. SunSolar sets the standards for doing it the right way.


At SunSolar our vision is to create a better quality of life for everyone on our planet. Our socially conscious business supports that vision by doing everything possible to help keep our planet clean, healthy and vibrant.


By developing the next sustainable energy revolution today through proven renewable energy practices, we will allow our children to better the lives of future generations. Our focus is client relationships that will stand the test of time and continually build long term trust and wealth.


We have a passion and determination to create. We create what the client wants. Our honesty, reliability, and dedication to our client’s success, are what drives that passion.

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